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I’m Hopeful for an update

Awesome improvement idea for Color Splash

Your new Pixlr Express Mobile App is simply amazing. I must say it is almost exactly what I was looking for. I simply had some suggestions that you could add to it in order to make it absolutely perfect for all of your users and fans:

The addition of a "Paint" option in the Color Splash effect would be incredibly neat! You know, allow users to add a "transparent sheet" of color to any part of their pictures. This would mean that users could change the color of a deep blue shirt to a deep red, green, yellow or any color they want simply by choosing a color and brushing it on. Make it so that they can change the color of pretty much any object independently. Also, better zoom functionality when using Color Splash so that we can really up close and detailed. Add something like a "magnifying glass" that appears right above our fingers with an extreme close up of the image and the "brush cursor", this will help improve the Color Splash accuracy by removing the need to get incredibly close to the screen and making tiny strokes with our otherwise big and obstructive fingers.

Well this was about the only idea I had. I, as well as your millions of other dedicated fans, also believe it would be an awesome idea to add "Custom Text", "Stickers", and even a "Temperature" adjustment features.
That just about concluedes my ideas for improving the app.

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing app. It's functionality paired with the fact that you made it 100% free for Android users really makes Autodesk stand out and shine amongst the rest. Thanks Autodesk.
-Alejandro Z.
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