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How do I trim an image?

How to I cut small portions from an image, much like cropping but choosing what to remove instead of what to keep?

Effectively, I want to crop an image to an irregular shape.
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    Did you try using the "Lasso Tool"? Click on the Lasso, then click and drag on your shape, if you are using a mouse, to trace around/encircle/outline the portion of the shape that you want to remove. Be sure to 'close the lasso' around the part of the object that is going to be removed.
    Then click on Edit, Cut.

    Not happy with how it turned out? Just Edit, Undo within Pixlr.
    Hint: Press Ctrl ++++++ to zoom in before you lasso - that helps to get a smoother lasso shape. Also, several small cuts might be easier to get right as opposed to one complicated and large cut.
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