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How do you remove a water mark from a picture?

I have to do a movie poster for an English class and the picture I need has a little white water mark on the bottom left corner, how do I remove it without making the picture look tampered with?
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  • Eric Suesz (Community Manager) June 11, 2013 21:36
    Hey, Maria. Boy, what a timely question. I just wrote a blog post about watermarks and put it up on the Pixlr blog today.

    Many people put those watermarks on their photos to discourage people from using them without permission. So, I guess you have an ethical dilemma: Crop it out our use the clone stamp tool to try and hide it, or find another image. Or ask the person who created this image if you can use it.

    Then again, your English teacher might appreciate if you use an image that has a source citation on it. No?
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