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Pixlr ideas for picture, effects, and stickers

I feel that Pixlr needs that cropping tool that lets you cut a picture exactly on its shape or form, like when you want to paste a picture of your child together with a detached wallpaper, but the child's pic is inside a picture. You have to cut it precisely along its sides and angles to paste its image on to the wallpaper. Pixlr only has cropping and cutting, but then to cut it exactly according to its size, that's better. Like super-duper grateful if it got implemented. You need to hear this since it's important as well. Maybe you can click on an option button then all the remaining objects inside a picture will be highlighted then you can choose w/c one you need to cut exactly to that shape as to paste on another surface or pic. Please upgrade, :-)

Also, the stickers need be cooler and not just plain pictures or choice pictures (w/c is passable to other people's standards). You need to assign technical artsy people to figure out w/c one's too edgy, too common, too bold, and what's just figuratively beautiful as a sticker.

An added idea, you should have scotch tape or just plain yellowish tape as an added effect like being taped on a surface or a wall kind of effect--I've been looking for it in a long time, still haven't found one who obeyed to the need. o___o

Lastly, the effects should have different designs, like updated/advanced ones so graffiti really looked like graffiti, stars in a universe really looked like stars in a universe effect, also it should have a built-in color palette so it will not burn or look to intense on an already colorful picture. Thank you, :)
Katherine Fernandez, Manila
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