Can I get a URL for my image? Where is Pixlr Grabber? What happened to

We don't host public images, so we can't provide a URL to view your image. 

Looking for Pixlr Grabber, the browser plug-in for taking screen grabs? Did you used to save a private URL using We used to offer those two services, but they were retired in 2013. You can read about it on our blog. Both services served a good purpose in their day, but there are still services out there that are similar that you may want to explore. 

Looking for another service like to host your images? Check out Imgur or TinyPic, two similar image-sharing services. Both are great free options.

There are numerous apps out there that allow you to take quick screenshots and edit them on the fly. Two free ones that stand out are Skitch for Mac and Jing for PC/Mac.

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