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Give me the basics
When you launch the app, if there’s a new pack campaign, you will see it advertised. You can take an image with your camera, open an image from your photos, or use collage and pick individual image.

Tap  camera to take a picture and enter Pixlr Live.

When in this mode, the following icons ( for effects and  for overlays) appear on the screen. Tap them to enter that mode, then swipe the screen until you find the effect/overlay you want. These appear over your live image, instantly. If you decide not to choose an effect or overlay, just swipe through the options, until it is removed. To remove both, tap the  in the top left corner.
Tap  to snap the pic, then either  to keep the image or  not to. If you kept the image, Pixlr opens for you to use.

For Android users, to always open Pixlr in Pixlr Live mode, in your settings ensure Camera mode is enabled.


photos and fresh
Tap photos to load an image from your photo gallery or another place on your device. 


Tap  collage. Select a layout, set the spacing between frames, roundness of frame corners, the proportions of the frames, and frame color.

  • Tap , swipe through and select the layout you want. 
  • Tap , then drag the slider to set the width of the frame.
  • Tap , then drag the slider to set the roundness of the interior corners of the frames.
  • Tap  to set the size of the frames.
  • Tap  to set the color of the frame.


To load an image for iOS users

  1. Tap collage.
  2. Tap inside a frame to load an image and make it active. 
  3. Tap-drag an image to reposition it. 
  4. Pinch an image to zoom out or expand your fingers to zoom in. 

NOTE  If you want to edit the image, tap  edit to apply various Pixlr effects. Tap  replace to select a different image for the frame. 

To load an image for Android users

  1. Tap collage, the photos you want to use, then done.
  2. Once you’ve used the various collage tools, edited the image(s), tap-dragged the image(s) into reposition, tap next.
  3. Pinch an image to zoom out or expand your fingers to zoom in. 

NOTE If you want to edit the image, tap Edit to apply various Pixlr effects. If you want to change the image, tap Replace. When done, tap Finish to return to the collage tools.


What do I do now?

Once you have loaded an image, you can check out the UI and get started. Here’s a run-down of the tools at your disposal.

  • Along the top is the menu with sign in, a news feed, and tips, plus the compare, undo, redo, cancel and saving options.
  • Along the bottom are your editing tools.

A window appears with product information. On tablets and larger hand-held devices, an X appears in the top right corner to close this window. For smaller devices, to close this window, tap your device’s Back button.

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