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The how's and why's of signing in

When you download Autodesk Pixlr from the Windows Store, you get the tools you need to do basic photo editing and familiarize yourself with the power of Autodesk Pixlr.

When you sign in and sign up for a free Pixlr account, you can download effects, overlays, borders, and stickers. You get expanded flexibility and power to create amazing images. 

How do I sign in?

Click  sign in along the bottom of your screen. In the sign in window, either use a social provider, such as Facebook, or your Autodesk ID or associated email and password to log in. Once logged in, sign in changes to your user name. Click it to access account settings, help, and to sign out.

Why should I log in? 
Setting up an account makes you an Essentials member. Logging in gives you access to all the Essentials tools and options. 

I don't have a log in 
If you don’t have an Autodesk ID, just click New User? Sign Up to get one. Either sign up through a social provider, such as Facebook, or enter your email and create a password. Press Create Account and you are all set.




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