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Pixlr Mobile: Why Ads?

Over time, we've introduced ads in some of our apps. Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express on the web have ads in the browser, Pixlr for iOS and Android has a limited number of ads in places, and we have a few scattered ads on our site in various locations. We’re committed to being transparent with our users, so we want to offer a few details about why we include ads in some Pixlr apps and services.

First and foremost: Providing services costs money

We’ve been providing free apps for desktop, for the web, and for mobile for many years. Like all such services, running it takes money. Simply put, including ads helps us defray these costs.

Revenue now funds improvements tomorrow

We have a staff of people who are dedicated to improving the apps we currently offer and working on next-generation apps to satisfy the changing trends of digital art. We want to make bigger and better apps and provide services for more and more people. That only happens if we can prove — to ourselves and to others — that our products and services show real value. In other words, making money shows we’re on the right (sustainable) path.

We’re offering a nominal fee for ad removal

We know some people simply won’t stand for advertising of any kind. So we provide a simple way to remove ads in our mobile app with a one-time, in-app purchase. The cost for ad removal is $1.99, and you can find the purchase option in the Settings area. We thought a lot about this price and feel like it’s a very good price for such a comprehensive photo editing app. We also feel like a one-time charge is much better for users than asking them to purchase new content packs on a regular basis. 

I’m a Pixlr Pro subscriber. Can I remove ads by signing in?

Yes! We wanted to make sure we added a way to remove those ads for Pro users. Our yearly Pro subscribers deserve that (for sure!). If you sign in with a Pro subscription, you won't see any ads in mobile. 

If I purchase ad removal on my device, does it apply to other devices?

Ad removal is for one instance of the Pixlr mobile app. If you are an iOS user, purchasing ad removal won’t carry over to another iOS device — or an Android device for that matter.

If I pay to remove ads and am still seeing ads — why is that? 

We sometimes include banners in our app, which you can access from the "Feed" option. These are designed to let users know about new features, new content packs, photo contests, etc. While not ads per se, we understand that any interruption in workflow can be an annoyance to some users. Based on that kind of feedback, we're working toward minimizing the number of these product info banners. If you are an iOS user and are seeing ads after purchasing that you know are from outside advertisers, please check the Settings area. If you've deleted and reinstalled the iOS Pixlr app you'll need to re-enable the ad-free purchase. You won't be charged again. If you still feel like you're seeing ads and shouldn't be, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We want to make sure your ad-free purchase is working correctly. 

If I purchase ad removal on my mobile device, will I be able to remove ads on the web?

Ad removal on your mobile device is only for that device. Some of our apps at will continue to include ads.

Will I still get new content packs if they are sponsored by an advertiser?

Long-time users of Pixlr mobile apps know that we sometimes offer additional content packs that are sponsored or designed by an advertiser. [Not sure the answer to this yet].

Who is charging my credit card for ad removal?

If you’re an iTunes user, this purchase will go through the iTunes Store. If you’re an Android user, you’ll purchase through Google Play.

Can I pay by PayPal?

At this time, we only are able to offer purchase of ad removal through the two designated app stores.


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