Adjustment tools

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Use the tools to make changes to your image. For long lists of tiles, scroll or use shuffle  to access the rest.

Tap-drag a tile up or down to scroll through the list.







 Double exposure

Double exp, found in the refine tool set, is a custom overlay effects tool. It enables you to import an outside image, position it over the original image, resize it, and finally apply a blend mode to it.

Tap double exp and select an image.

Resize and reposition the image.

To resize the image, tap-drag the corners.

To reposition the image drag the handle.

To make the image look like part of the original image, change the opacity of the image or play around with the blend modes.

Now, it looks like these people are checking out Niagara Falls from the window of the helicopter.


Transform your image to look like a pencil drawing, silk screen, poster, lithograph, and much more.

Before After 


Make blurry or fuzzy images crisper. Adjust the amount and radius, then tap .

Before After


If your image is pixelated, you can soften it to give it a smoother and more unified look. Adjust the amount and tap .

Before After

TIP If you want part of the image to remain crisp and sharp, use the history brush after to remove any smoothing.


Remove red-eye from any image. Tap the eye, then .

Before After


Remove spots, lighten shaded areas, and reduce shine.

Before After
  • To darken of an area, select brush, then size and set the brush size, tap shine, then tap wherever there is excess shine.
  • To lighten a dark area, select shade and tap wherever it is too dark.
  • To make spot corrections, select spot and tap the area to remove the blemish.

TIP Try using these options in combination.

When finished, tap .


Play with focal blur to focus on a specific part of your image.

Before After


Select splash to isolate a color or range of colors in your image and change the rest of the image to black and white.

Before After

Tap-drag over the color your want. 

To change the amount of color you see, move the tolerance slider to the right for more color or left for less.

To add color to areas, tap  and brush over them.

To remove color from an area, tap  and brush over the area.


Tap  to apply the effect or  to cancel it.


Before After

To move the grid into position, tap-drag within the grid. To resize the grid, tap-drag the corners.


Is one of your images not quite straight? Is the horizon on an angle and you want to correct that? Use straighten.

Before After
  • To control the angle of rotation, change the angle slider.  
  • To rotate the image in 90 degree increments, tap .
  • To flip the image, use either  or .

When finished, tap .


Take any image, whether the color is slightly off, it’s too dark, what have you, and use autofix to improve it. 

Before After 


Change the hue, saturation, or lightness of an image.

Before After 


Fix issues with shadows by lightening these areas and pulling out hidden details. For images that are too light, it darkens them to pull out more detail.

Before After


Make an image appear softer or out of focus.

Before After




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