How do I sign in to access 'Essentials' and 'Pro' membership features?


  Starter Free with no registration  

  Essentials Membership requires you to sign-in within the software to
         unlock more
product features.

  Pro Membership requires a signed in account within the software, as well as
         a paid monthly or yearly membership, to access the full product features.


  To access the Essentials features:

Download the software from the Mac App store or via our download link. Install the app and you can run the software right away in the Starter membership level. Without logging in, you can begin to use the software with some introductory tools. You must create an account and sign-in to unlock the Essentials product features. Click on 'Membership > Sign-in' or 'Sign in' at the bottom right of the lower toolbar.  See the image below.


       To access the Pro features:

You need to make an In-App or Web purchase in order to unlock your Pro features.  

  • If you are already logged in with an Essentials membership, the application will update to the full Pro level feature set. 
  • If you have not logged in and are running in the Starter membership level, you will be prompted to sign-in and then make your In-App purchase.

In this case, we are logged in with an Essentials membership.  Click on 'Membership > Upgrade Membership' to open up a window to make your purchase via the Mac App Store.


Confirm your purchase to unlock the Pro features. 


Purchase through our website:

1.  Select a Monthly or Yearly membership option.


 2.  The web purchasing page will launch and you will be prompted to enter your credit card
      and billing information.


Once you have made your purchase and sign into your account within the software, you should then be running with the full feature set unlocked.

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