Creating a collage with Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express for the web and Pixlr Express on mobile devices both have a handy collage feature, which lets you take up to 25 images and turn them into a collage. The easiest way to use this feature is to head to Pixlr Express for the web, upload some photos, and play around with the settings.

A few things to note about this collage tool: 

  • You can edit each photo individually in Pixlr Express if you like by clicking on the paintbrush editing icon. 
  • Drag your images from collage box to collage box to rearrange. 
  • The final size of your collage image will depend on the ratio of the final image (height and width ratio). The longest side will be 1200 pixels. A square image (1:1 ratio) will end up being 1200x1200 pixels. 
  • The collage feature isn't available in Pixlr Desktop at this time, so your best bet may be to use the web version. 


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